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Steady State Emitters

Cal Source SA-series infrared (IR) emitters are designed to be used as steady state (DC) emitters of blackbody radiation.

The radiating element in the steady-state emitters is a coiled filament of a Cal Sensors specific material with a specialized coating to give an emissivity of 0.70. Radiated output closely emulates a blackbody in spectral distribution. SA-series emitters are designed to operate at a rated filament temperature of 1170° Kelvin.

Standard SA-series emitters are offered in several models with specific filament diameters and number of coils to provide the desired input/output power at a filament temperature of 1170 ° K.

Standard window materials are available to tailor the output to specific wavelength ranges of interest. Standard models include a parabolic reflector to provide near collimated and uniform radiation output. Without a reflector the radiating element approximates an isotropic point emitter.